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I gots no idea

about the stock market here. Interesting, though, that this morning's extension of the surge didn't fill the gap in the Naz Comp that I've been watching and it is currently fading back.


I guess if I did have a strong opinion I'd throw granny's nursing home money into that lotto.


Ya got da boyz- Feds, ECB, BOJ, Chicoms all trying to talk it out of a funk.


I guess bottom line is whether the recent sharp growth in China money supply and threatened further stimulus are enough to reverse the deteriorating trend in the chinese economy.


Global markets have priced the belief that the chinese leadership is brilliant and the hybrid command capitalism system is superior. If that is truee lookout because it's 100% certain that's where we're heading 'cuz modern capitalism is totally dependent on the levitation of financial assets.


My guess is that they aren't, they were just like your basic billionaire who happened to be in the right place at the right time and thus is deemed to be brilliant. So I guess that's my call- down- but I don't have any idea how much sound and fury is involved before it takes hold.


Also wouldn't bet the farm that da boyz can't levitate things even further although I seriously questioning it.

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Re: I gots no idea


Look at the debt load. Also look at the money grab by the head Fred.


Small wonder we are being screwed over here in this small back water of their empire by the ads.


The Kings are pillaging the peasants, ransacking the treasuries, I feel the spiralling down the drain as I type this.

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Re: I gots no idea

No need to worry ... nothing's going to turn out OK.

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