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I hope it's not true.

But the way the weather is looking it does not look like heavy amounts of rain is coming. We are heading for a 120 or less corn yield and think we will see another 6 point drop in corn and beans on Monday.
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Re: I hope it's not true.

Yup, I think your right!  No rain here again last night, but then I shouldn't expect to get lucky on Friday the 13th!  Crop ratings in MN should be dropping now too.  Sandy soils here are burning up and clay hills are stunted and corn is 3-5 feet and tasseling on hilltops, the low ground tasseld last week.  I expect tipback to start soon on corn.  The next two weeks here are more of the same, hot and dry.  I guess they were right about alot of corn being harvested in August, only problem is that by october there won't be any left to harvest! 


If harvest is a month early this year with low yield and next year is normal or late with harvest won't we literally run out of corn by that time?

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Re: I hope it's not true.

We had a few localized showers in central Nebraska.  I got .7", but 10 miles away, they got less than .2.

This is the first time, since May 3rd or 4th, that we got more than a .3 inches of rain, in a 24 hour period, and actually doubled my rainfall total, since planting time.  

Irrigated corn is tasseling here, cooler right now, but supposed to hit 99 today, and 97 to 98 next 4-5 days.  It looks good, but it will be another week before I'll know how well it pollenated.


Dryland corn is anywhere from just hanging on, to already dead.

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