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Re: I'm So Conflicted

You did an even better job of explaining that Don!!

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Re: I'm So Conflicted

Nice job Kraft,  and Kevin.


it is the open market system  ---- every day it gives us potions.  Some get "close to home" but we still need to weigh the options.


I like to view this forum as a chance for us to be neighbors for a while and share the talegate.  One voices their concerns the other voices their optimism.  After a thought they exchange positions on a new subject or even the same subject.  

Both gain by a view of the subject that has a  broader perspective to position their decisions from.  Right or wrong is most often not the issue.  And seldom are those decisions "life threatening" to our financial business.  Marketing is a subject that every one of us would like to get better at.  There are no real "experts".


It seems to me, Some of the contributors to an internet forum get twisted into the illusion that there is an audience for their thoughts.  Or a tall platform from which to act out.   Both illusions create the need for attacking and ego defending.

I could be all wet but lets get real.  It is just us.



The and its forums.  It is a little complicated but by necessity to accomodate several formats and keep the kooks in and the kooks out. But It seems to me that we do not use it very well.  There are places for nearly every subject, with the exception of entertainment. I guess the forum thinks we all work sun up to sun down.  So anything from music, auto racing, sports, and consumption is liable to blow up like microwave popcorn occasionally--in any location. ------ maybe that is by design. 

The forum is the political spot,  and it serves the purpose well.  The international aspect makes it mirky, but interesting,,, and should improve when gouch gets parole and his voting rights back. Smiley Happy

I think generally we all like the marketing forum and want to share our questions with those we respect.  It is informative and takes work from us all to keep it that way.  But most of the long timers scan through the other  forums and catch nearly every question or idea.  We should place out thoughts better instead of having traffic jams over hang nails.  Lets face it many of our posts are not real applicable to marketing.  It is just tempting to troll where the fish are.


Even if there isn't many comments in the cattle section, check the reader counter, someone is thinking about it.  If I post a comment in an obscure spot to hide a "kansan" idea or a little frustration, Kraft will take a shot at my "motivation" or someone will-------- point is we need to use the forum better, as well as expect it to be better.

Especially if we read it for information and ideas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and lets face it,  What other worthwhile reason is there???



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