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Re: I'm Taking Profits

Look out below!!! Will the grains follow???
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Re: I'm Taking Profits

I've been watching the media reports on the lost Malaysian aircraft. As a pilot, and an air traffic controller, my first question after determining that the aircraft changed course deliberately, was "Why was this aircraft taken?" With no groups claiming responsibility, with no ransom asked for, it bothers me even more. It means that someone would risk what they did, for something that I think could be big, and probably devastating. It's been 8 days. This aircraft, if I had taken it, would've been in the hanger the last few days, getting repainted, for it's next purpose. If this aircraft resurfaces, it would no longer look like the Malaysian aircraft.

I think it's the pilots. One - maybe both. With the new cockpit doors, I think that a hijacking is a very long reach. If someone was trying to get into my cockpit, or, if my aircraft was in trouble, my first thing for me would've been to call Air Traffic, as I worked the emergency. I've been in emergencies as a pilot, and it's very easy to press a hot mike button and give an aircraft call sign and a mayday call.

This is a serious situation for the entire world. In May 2011 the US killed Osama. Is that the connection?

As far as ECIN's comments about the F-16 greeting the aircraft, that could be tough. If I file a flight plan on an aircraft, I can put in whatever type of aircraft I want. On radar, a C-550 doesn't look any different than a B-777. It's only by the flight plan that we as controllers know what the type of aircraft it is. The point is, that once that aircraft is out of visual sight, it can be most anything. With no passengers, it could be fitted with extra fuel tanks and flown most anywhere.

For us controllers to "see" an aircraft, we rely on radar. Satellites can see the transponder code of an aircraft - not the aircraft. Which is why I said we needed AWACS out flying our coasts. And a primary target on radar can be anything that moves - from cars on a highway to flocks of birds, and it's limited by line-of-site. That fact is, that there are so many possibilities with that aircraft, that it is a very, very scary situation. That aircraft needs to be found, but it's been long enough now that I think it's going to very difficult to find.

I have knowledge that most of you don't. News media reports on this aircraft are nothing short of pathetic. And maybe it's that way on purpose.

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