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I'm lost

well this year i've been a bit distracted, dealing with some medical issues.  I'm looking at the local quotes tonight

on wheat, it's in the 4.20's.  Not so long ago, just before i made our first trip to the big hospital, wheat was a bit over

$6, and it was universally known, that the wheat wasn't that good.....for how many years now ?

got hope, but wheat, was a bit slow, then rested a bit, then back to medical issues.......

here we are almost sept, and soon planting wheat (got to figure out how to do that, since we have been busy doing

"other things").

locally priced stuff, fertilizer not down much, seed it down a bit, but it just don't make any sence kids....


the wheat crop was not that good this year from what i understand....matter of fact just got word a couple days ago

disaster issued for come counties, due to winterkill.


we keep being told there is too much wheat....well my sources tell me stuff in germany and france and germany

is drying up (look how money acres conpaired to us).......


i guess i don't understand it.


where did i miss the turn ?



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Re: I'm lost

Elcheapo...if lost, I recommend using Google Maps 🙂


Egypt just paid the lowest price for cash wheat in years to stuff out of the Ukraine. Your belief that the wheat crop was poor might be off a little. It was poor in your area, but not so poor in the rest of the world I guess.

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Re: I'm lost

Im with you....this summer france was too hot and the wheat was drying up....this spring lots of winterkill in the ukraine and tariffs on it so they couldnt sell it....argentina isnt selling brazil any wheat not sure why.  Up here in the northern plain we do have a good crop of spring wheat but in western canada they were very dry early so their crop is short too as well as their canola crop according to stats canada...the biggest "killer" of the wheat market was in the usda report where they "found"  11 MMT of wheat in china! That was the nail inthe coffin. I remember 10-15 years ago a similar report occured and the wheat market crashed and never recovered until 2008....

years ago i started growing winter wheat and had good sucess for a few years but the minneapolis market did not want winter wheat to take hold and now there is a $1.50-$2.00 basis all the time even when there was a shortage in 2008...imo the reason for that is that its easy to get 12 protien winter wheat so they cannot rape us with dicounts like they can with lower protien spring wheat!  Im afraid that we are screwed for a long time with crappy markets because we are too good at producing food!  Im afraid there will be a huge fallout of producers especially older one ready to quit and young one who dont want to struggle for years just to farm! Just my 2 cents worth

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