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I'm so overwhelmed

Was in a local grocery store this afternoon, wow


12 different flavors/styles of Cherioo' s


Absolutely pales by comparison to Oreo' s


20 different flavors and there are more, also didn't count the different package sizes.


We have a ways to go as farmers marketing our products.

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Re: I'm so overwhelmed

I occasionally walk through there but it is generally a good rule to stay on the perimeter- produce, dairy, meat.


You'd guess there must be a pretty good markup on that stuff in order to induce the stores to commit that much shelf space.  Probably costs about the same to produce as the generic that sells for half. Then take off the cost of the advertising and split the difference?


Now if you want to talk about separating people from their money, go to a Whole Foods sometime.

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Re: I'm so overwhelmed

Or, as my sister calls that place


"Whole paycheck"

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Re: I'm so overwhelmed

Ah, I solved the problem for morning cereals (or snacks, as the case may be). "Mom's Best" !!! Headquartered in Lakeville, MN.


I get the bite sized 'shredded wheat' (Sweetened Wheat-Fuls), and Raisen Bran. Better, cheaper, faster, stronger and better looking!


According to the box it's made with 'wind energy *'.  Who knows?


But it be GOOOD !!!!!

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