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I'm tired of having posts rejected simply because...

I am tired of having posts rejected simply because they present information verbatim from sources like the Federal Register or USDA's Quick Stats that are somehow unfavorable to the current administration.  And when I mean "verbatim" I mean "verbatim" as in an actual image of the Federal Register.

  And at the same time, people with no factual information get say all manner of outrageous  things about the situation just because it appears favorable to the current administration.

  You begin to wonder after awhile if the reason why farmers think the way they do is because the farm media is biased and suppresses facts &  alternative views.


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Re: I'm tired of having posts rejected simply because...



You must be talking about some other site.



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Re: I'm tired of having posts rejected simply because...


It took me a bit to figure out all the nuances of this site, but through trial and error, I discovered:

1.  I have to turn off my ad-blocker to be able to "kudo," etc., but must turn it off only after I sign in, otherwise I can't get past that floppy ad with the X on the end.

2. If you edit your post too many times, it flips it to "spam."

3. If you wait too long before finishing your post, it will "disappear."

4. There is a character limit.

...hopes this helps.  Smiley Wink

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Re: I'm tired of having posts rejected simply because...

4. Too bad there is not a character limit in Congress.

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Re: I'm tired of having posts rejected simply because...

Amen!!  Should be a "One and Done" across the board --> NO pensions for any of them, and only Medicare as their healthcare system - they don't deserve anything better that, for sure!

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Re: I'm tired of having posts rejected simply because...

Roaring,  I don't express it much but I have some sympathy for management of this site.

They tried pushing things they don't like into a dumpster, but unfortunately we can't hide from those things that affect agriculture most...... congressional policy, foreign trade, legal liability for the imagined damage, etc etc.

Technology began with the promise of unlimited ability to have power over ourselves, information, commerce, etcetcetc

But that all comes with a price.... and forced change with little vision of where we go from here, can be very discouraging.

Those who enjoy disruption with the protection of tenure, have sent out their protest troups so many times they are annoying, and through technology (in spite of the media) we know that much of what we see is staged for performance and done for class credit to please the teacher (and greta's mom)

Today we have dying entities in stage 3 or 4 demise, flailing about like fish out of water, and mostly "IN OUR FACE:  

1--Media leads that pack and have been unloading human thinkers for decades now in favor of mindless pleasers that do what their told.  But mostly those huge media buildings across the country are "leased out" of office space. 

2-We have a 2 party political system, of which at least one(if not both) are struggling for survival, in a tech format that is exposing the uglyness within on a minute by minute basis.  There appears to be no integrity left in politics, and the new ones are paid millions to conform to the party line or be shamed out.

We are seeing that this system of governance requires enlightened voters, and it appears technology is enlightening voters and asking them to consider who they enable, for now we see our leaders as they are and not how they are "framed" by the party(media).  It also requires that those elected serve the intrests of their country as a whole and not just its ugly movements that demonize citizens.  

3-- Leaving office with large gains of personal wealth has reached a zenith of ugliness.  For a congressional leader to be able to grant 23 million to a candidate in a small congressional district in another state is corrupt, and attempting to control the will of the voters in that district.   The corruption is so "in your Face" fueled by our justice system having no teeth.  -----Congress prints cash, and politics takes half, or whatever their protection racket yields these days.  Extending borrowing has facilitated this and technology illuminates it.   (the day political science was granted a department in any University was a sad day--- a university home for criminals.)

4--- Health care has given us all a real feel for what Congressional bloating does to our private economy.  No slogan or empty promise can hide it now that we are all logged in.

I have sympathy for anyone trying to provide an encouraging social media site--- and quite apparently not trying to manipulate their participants.  It is us, the readers, and commenters who can make this a good social media site, and in turn be greatful for the opportunity to share it.  It won't work otherwise....... they'll figure it out.

I still have faith that technology will Improve our ability to make good decisions, even when those decisions are about how to conduct ourselves.  And I believe that technology is educating voters-- even when teachers choose not to.  And freedom1493, the power of a seat in congress should be handled with sacrifice of financial gain, as it originally was, not a huge pension, or an earned legacy position with a large donor.  Politicians should be banned from charging for appearances or speech ---- and of course be banned from participating financially in charitable Funds.

I doubt we need term limits if we squeeze the money out of the election process.  The media got filthy rich on election year bribery and extortion of those massive political campaigns.

As a country we got our laundry out there on the line like never before.  That can't be bad. And hopefully can't be ignored.

We all tend to lean and have our opinions.  Maybe we will all come out of this with a readjustment.  

Right now "I don't want to work for or with anyone claiming to be a politician.....or needing a party to get elected"


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