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I might have ripped my shorts today

for you MASH fans...i remember one episode where Col. Potter was lamenting about how the day was going, and

finally said "i'm getting too old for this"..and then said..."I think i might have ripped my shorts".


went to church(s) today...something maybe changing....yes the rural people were moaning about things.....some of

the town people were gossiping how things could start to get bad....


you know things are getting bad when the rural folks try to console each other, and start to use stories from the bible.


so after dinner, did some reading and thinking and planning about the comming year  (but i guess we have to live

thru this one first)


i posted the other day the prices that were available......if ole el cheapo does keep his expenses down, yes, we will

make money...but the precentage is not pretty.


kind of reminded me of an old saying "never seen anyone go broke that was making money"....i'm not so sure

anymore...yes you will make money, but COL keep going up all the it is very possible to go backwards.


esp on the margins that we are looking at next year...


but perhaps the most dishearting is.....i am trying to see how this is going to get better, and i can't.


early almanac shows a fairly good year next year...we already have a good economics are not the

best....really no hope for some add salt to the wound...been talking to the grain people and the chem and

fert people....both are both telling the same....with such low MUST shoot for the higher yeilds and use

the best hybrids, chemicals, and apply fertilizer.....since that is usually the weakest link.....


what's wrong with that picture ?


buy expensive seed

use the best chemical to control weeds

apply an abundance of fertilizer so you can max out the yeilds.....


all to get more bushels to sell......


so we spend more money....and produce more, to make supplies even worse....and push's our prices even lower....


but.....the seed, chem and fert are sold by the same place.....more money for them

and plan for the max....the marketer's at the elevator say that....since they make money per bu...and

the more the bu, the better...


the sorry thing is...that is most likly what will happen.....alot of the younger people are listening....they have to, that

story is the only one that offers a glimmer of hope....since being the tight wad will only go so far, because of their



then you have some of the middle aged fellows, that will do it, because they don't know what to do...and the

"advice" they got from them several years ago worked....back when we did fair crops at good prices, that

high input cost "worked".


so....was Col. Potter right ?   am i getting too old for all of this "nonsence".......




maybe i just need to go to walmart and get me some boxer breifs ?



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Re: I might have ripped my shorts today

You need a higher grade of suppliers.


Liberty beans will be a viable option, generic liberty will bring herb costs down about half of where it was this year.


Sims down at Osborne, for your chem needs, way better than the kaup. 


If you continue your bi___en and can only quote the highest priced place around, no sympathy here.


All you have quoted is the blind leading the blind.


Long term successful farming is all about the "maximum profit from the minimum expense".


Not about the highest yields


Not about leaving out an important step, etc.


It is not about supporting anything or anybody but yourself.


You want to help support them get a job with them.

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Re: I might have ripped my shorts today

It's   "Horse Hockey"




occasionally for Colonel Sherman T. Potter 

Good comments hobby

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Re: I might have ripped my shorts today

in some respects hobby you are right......the chemical supplier mention, i do some business with them, but if

i have to have it custom done, then it's the higher priced boys.

on the seed........hard to work around on the corn and milo......but trying.  beans, i've found a place that's around

$25 for RR1 and "a hair under $40) for liberty......but still hunting

looks like generic liberty is running in the $13-14 acre cost.......quite a shocker from the $3 glyphos.


on the corn........(since were out here on the very high plains) might be interesting to use some open pollinated,

looks like $80/bag.......but would need to go with a good single pass herb, done know if generic bicept will get

everyting, but lumex/lexar should and it runs just a hair over $30


milo seed, i think i still have a source thats $75 a bag......since it doesn't have all the treatments on it, otherwise

about $180 a bag.


hard one is the elevators..........i don't know if i can justify a semi.  a manager of a local coop told me they sold

all of theirs, that they can hire everything done much cheaper than owning the blessed thing.



but hard to get semi's durning harvest to run to the terminal...........


considering bins.....even flat storage.........but more capital outlay

about $3 a bu or less, if i put it up myself


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Re: I might have ripped my shorts today




Clover Hill Hybrids

1942 Crane Place
Audubon, IA 50025
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