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Senior Advisor

I see $8..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like novemeber beans peaked their head into $8 territory


not much desire to plant beans


if i want some beans to sell I will just buy the board when they get done working them over.


PP here we come.


looking less and less likely I will get to replant any corn.  just let it go


O and yes it rained already today, picked up a quick 1/2 inch this AM.  As of right now we have had 3 days this month with no rain.  Gauge will likely crest the 16 and maybe 17 inch mark for the month by the time the weekend is over.  Heck maybe more







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Honored Advisor

Re: I see $8..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain makes grain.


Just checked something in my seed storage building. 


Right there in plain sight was two more totes of seed. 


No tracks in the mud, nothing, just rain makes grain


At this rate I'm going to have to build a lean to on to this building by the middle of July.


Going to check the bins that were not swept out and see how much fuller they are now than they were.


I can see storage issues around here at this rate by the fourth of July...

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Veteran Advisor

Re: I see $8. What darn decade we in?



jeez, even the cheap $11 was tough enough.   granted the 15's were great.


just keep thee ole el nino rolling and we'll see how things work out long term.  MO.



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