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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

I've Made A Lot Of Money On This Site

I want to express a great big Thank You for the commentary you farmers make on this site.  It is a major reason for the improvement in my marketing income over the last 10-15 years.  (There was a lot of room for improvement.)


There are a number of sites that have information we all use for marketing; weather, crop surveys, political news and so forth, but there are very few sites with as good a sense of what the farmer feels and talks about in regard to crop conditions and expectations not only out his back window but regionally and even globally.


Farmer sentiment about how things look a year or two out and an ocean or two away is interesting and important.  When I hedge on the BOT it's good to keep it in mind.  But, when I'm thinking of selling the cash grain is when the sense of this board helps me know when and how to pull the trigger.


It's easy to sit in an office and publish analyses and reports but it's more credible when farmers walk their fields, count their ears, check their crops and tell it like it is on a day-by-day basis.


I'm sure many on this board are better marketers than I am but the improvement in my skills since I started tracking and consideraing the discussions here is noticeable and I thought it is time to acknowledge that.

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Re: I've Made A Lot Of Money On This Site

Well, I am certainly not a better marketer than most.  (sometimes it's better to be lucky than good)  But I'm not too bad at predicting things..................Smiley Wink


Well said Jim.

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Re: I've Made A Lot Of Money On This Site

I agree Jim,


I here the complaint of backyard itis, but it is shallow, for in fact the harvest is made up of back yards..... many back yards...


What a good producer knows is how hard it is to have a good average yield in the back yard when the low spot in the middle has drowned out.. or the sandy ridge on the east side has leached its fertilizer...  or when the last half of the field got planted a month late and got hit with 100 degree heat too small..

The same principle applies to a "record" national production...  it takes consistancy... not extremes....


Back on topic,,,,,,,

Thanks to the folks who are willing to travel and report .,,, or should I say the "real farmers" .... The ones who think farming and marketing... even on the road getting away from it !!


And thanks to the guys who are willing to report from the places other than the "I" states where the other half of the crop is produced..


With that thought.. ,  I miss you as much as others do, Palouser......... We are very concerned for our friends out in the west.... The west coast farm economy is huge and probably hurt as bad as northern Missouri but in a very different way..

When the smoke settles on Western Ks it is an ugly reminder of the weather stresses of the last few years...





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