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Re: I wouldn't know how to bet this

Couple of things.

A) reports of wheat etc not getting planted over there is Either put out by an idiot with no idea that wheat is a fall planted crop or just a plain lie. Now harvest in 4 ish months might be a story yet untold.


B) thought he would fade from here if he wasn't getting paid. Seems we have to wait till after May.

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Re: I wouldn't know how to bet this

They also grow a fair amount of spring wheat, corn, a lot of sunflowers. The world edible oil market is the biggest mess- in no small part due to some ill conceived biofuels laws.

And I've been wondering about winter wheat getting topdressed.

Many grow wheat European style- with trams- so they probably have a bit longer window for N applications.

And of course the only place where Russia is enjoying limited military success is along the Black Sea coast- doesn't matter if you can't ship it.

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