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IF Oats knows,

what does it know?


when has the prompt O minus C ever been at +74 cents, as it traded today?


has this spread ever been positive. thanks.





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Jed Stivers
Senior Contributor

Re: IF Oats knows,

I can't answer any of your questions but I'd sure like to know the answer.
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Re: IF Oats knows,

Doesn't end up in anyone I knows pocket locally.

Not allowed to deliver to the miller... Only the elevator is.

Funny thing is the elevator hasn't even taken notice. They are still at the same price as per months ago. And we are talking maybe only a couple of elevators that take them.

Guess nobody cares about the physical my way. It would b cool to grow oats, but I think other people would make all the money.
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Re: IF Oats knows,

It knows that Canada can't deliver because of the RR SNAFU up there. Nobody except the RR could see this coming.

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