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IGC raises global corn, wheat numbers ......

......... though still below last year's International Grains Council numbers.


IGC raises 2014/15 world corn, wheat crop outlooks - RTRS

31-Jul-2014 07:30

LONDON, July 31 (Reuters) - The International Grains Council on Thursday raised its forecast for global corn production in 2014/15 to reflect favourable crop conditions, most notably in the United States.

The IGC, in a monthly update, forecast world corn production would total 969 million tonnes, up from a previous projection of 963 million and just shy of the prior season's record 974 million.

The organisation raised its wheat production forecast to 702 million tonnes from a previous projection of 699 million, still below the prior season's 710 million.

The IGC said the wheat revision reflected "better than expected results from winter harvests in Russia and Ukraine".

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Re: IGC raises global corn, wheat numbers ......


Something tells me not alot of sales
From that region this year ????

Mined fields

Threats to shoot combine drivers

Sanctions on Russia

What are we supply or
Marketable or market available wheat?

I doubt much comes out of Russia/Ukraine.

Alot of feed classes wheat France....etc.

But to the bozo's in Chicago, does it matter?

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Re: IGC raises global corn, wheat numbers ......

I've already threatened to blow up my combine because it was giving me fits.....  Kind of brings a new meaning to that thought.