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IN rains

appear uncannily about as forecast. Track north of Indy with 0-1.00 amounts.  We got about .5 in two events.  Better than nothing and perhaps it's the beginning of a change of trend although not much in forecasts to indicate that.

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Re: IN rains

we got nothing in southern ripley county

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Re: IN rains

Very well said Nox.


1/4 mile makes a $1 mil difference for some.


Interesting just how bad the early planted corn looks after it has the inch. Heat is

pushing maturity WAY TO FAST. Not sure what that means to the state avgs yet, but it

has never been a good thing.


If the sweet corn is its normally good indicator, IN corn yield will be well below last

year. or maybe I should say WAY BELow.  2 times in a row (2010 & 2012 when early

planting was a not a good thing)

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Re: IN rains

I forgot to say how tough it would be to be farming south of I-70, (s of indy), zero last night, another day pushing 100. I really feel for those guys as the dirt is just not deep and black yours Knox. Thank goodness for almost free crop insurance.


We always kid our friends down there that they are real MEN farming, since anybody can farm the stuff in the northcentral part of the state where you and I live.

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Re: IN rains

Did you get anything?


Yes, anybody who's been at this for a while can recall watching a squall line dump an inch a half mile away.


Corn is hanging on surprising well owing to going in the ground in great conditions and putting roots to China. May even pollinate OK with this little sip and slightly cooler temps but it is a long way to harvest and there isn't enough gas in the tank to get there without a drink, particular with these temps.


This is why I still like a corn/bean rotation, though. In '91 when we had our worst corn crop of modern days we had pretty decent beans and there were people within 10 miles of me who caught one big August rain who cut 60 bushel beans.



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Re: IN rains

15% up by Sharpsville got 1.4" - making 3" since planting April 11th.

     (Rainscout is a great bit of technology. Call Beck's and sign up)

10% close to Tipton .7"

50%around Arcadia got .48"

15% around Arcadia got .3"

10% further south got .6" - makng it 9 tenths since planting May 5th.

To say it is suffering is kind of an understatement.


So, the dry and poorer soils that have had less all year, got less this time as well.

The great soils in Tipton county got more. We have concluded after farming in this area

for 142 years that the reason those soils are better is that the topography or something

always gives them better rains than the fields 20 miles further south, thus after 10,000

years of so, the soils are just a lot better in that area.


I'd still rate our beans a 5 out of 10, but like you, not much moisture left down deep.

We hosted an NRCS state training session last week, dug a few soil pits, beans roots

were down over 4' deep to reach into moisture, of course the well drained soils just

don't have any water that deep 🙂 With 6" of rain in the next 6 weeks we could

easily grow 60 bu beans. The math for us would be 10 bu per inch of rain from here

forward. And, yes, starting from zero because the tank is indeed empty.


The corn is just too hot and the moisture too late. And for anyone in the trade

reading this, I am writing from one of the wetest parts of Indiana. If the high tomorrow

was going to be 74, we MIGHT be able to get last years yield, since it is going to be

96, last years yields are going to look very good vs. this year. Too early to do yield

estimates as percent barren is so high and so variable, it is just too early.


We have really been blessed with this event while many were completely missed.

Our thoughts and hopes for relief go out to those in greater need.


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Re: IN rains

Forgot 2 other important points for the gurus in Chicago.


1. The rainfall accum maps on the AHPS site OVERSTATE this event by 1/2" everywhere that we have real data to evaluate it.


2. We were under too orange blobs on radar accum was 2 hundredth's.


CAVEAT: We have been unpriced and long alot since June 4th, so I am indeed psychologically impacted by our position.

That said, we use the same approach every year and are seldom wrong by much on expected yields.

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