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Re: If the rains come as advertised

Not sure that someone thinking you're an idoit would be very flattering.

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Re: If the rains come as advertised

I haven't seen big corn producing states crop but for the numbers your talking about the big states will need to have average corn yield above 200 and closer 210 to reach national average of what youre talking about. Like i say i haven't seen corn crop but i know some northern tier has seen alot of crop damage from to wet a spring so somebody going to need to offset those acres. Soybeans numbers i am willing to argue real hard on i think this yield number of 42 bushels is way off. Here in North Dakota we have never produced a crop average of 42 bushels and year we expeienced here this year its not going to happen this year. I look at increase in soybean acres were one of leading states in where l the extra soybean acres have come from and now were going to have this record yield for soybeans i just don't see it. To offset our yields here in ND some of other states will need to have 50 bushels or more for state averages and i just have hard time to believe this. My guess is that extra acres will add soybeans to production but average yield is going to be much lower so market has been trading on number that always in the clouds. If anything the month of August  weather will determine if normal acres will produce good crop or not besides the extra acres added this year.

Like i like to say when calculating yields it is like baseball batting averages on team its hard to move that team average up because all it takes is couple of hitters hitting below average to bring total team average down.

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