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Inflation as I see it.

A windfall in unexpected profits is a god send to those wanting to retire debt with cheap dollars. That $5000 land you can pay for with $6 corn and $12 beans. Whoever expected that when he was signing the land contract?


Perhaps a disappointment to those that want to buy another farm for $5K as now they are priced at $10K. Most investors want appreciation in their previous purchases. I don't know anybody that buys stocks hoping that their value will decline.


An optimist may appreciate the gains while the pessimist will be overly concerned about the tax consequences. Alas, there is just no satisfying farmers is there?

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Re: Inflation as I see it.

So, what is the Marketing message in this observation?

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ray h.
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Re: Inflation as I see it.

    Inflation is some thing a lot of the work force has allready experienced,equip. manufacturers,ins. companys,medical profession,fuel,fert supplyers,constuction cost,(concrete,window manufacturers,concrete roofing,plaining mill products,) you name it its high,price brand name machinery parts and compare with prices from10 years ago! Corn,Soy,and Wheat are relatively good bargains!Oh I forgot we are just supposed to farm more of this valuable land to produce more volume for a lesser price to make up the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Inflation as I see it.

Not to defend the inflation issue, but a conscious observation is important.  If we are marketing without an eye on future expenses  we are eventually embarrassed by selling $3.50 corn, a price unseen not too long ago.


The markets of the last 7 years cannot be explained in only supply shortage and demand expansion--------at least not in usda's data.  Inflation is a major factor------------whether it is cause or effect is another issue.  


Denial of inflation caused me to sell $3.20 corn a couple years out at a pretty poor time------------embarrassing.

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