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Iowa corn crop

Now that many of you from the great state of IA have seen a good part of your corn crop

Do you think IA on a state average will beat the USDA estimate for IA corn production

I have heard of some really good/excellent corn yields in IA, but I doubt I have heard from enough, to really know

What do you think??

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Re: Iowa corn crop

The silence here is deafening.  Maybe everyone is too busy getting this dry crop out of the field.

Some of the Iowa corn crop is coming out of the field at 14% moisture.  Very dry.  As I type, the humidity is 23% with a strong N wind.  Will the Iowa corn yield suffer because a very dry corn is being harvested?  And has the early death of the corn hurt the yield?  From what I have seen and heard from the harvest so far  my call would be that the IA corn yield will not beat the USDA estimate for the IA corn production.  West of Des Moines.


PS In all my 40+ years of farming I have never seen corn dry this fast to this point so quick.  14% corn out of the field is great, no drying needed, however the stalks are very weak and less than half the corn is harvested around here.  More wind on the way and just how dry will it be when we finish?

I will do my part and take what ever comes.



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Re: Iowa corn crop

My corn was harvested monday and tuesday of this week. All hauled over the scale at 226 bushels per acre and the moisture was in the mid 14's. I guess my 85 year old cousin does know a great crop when he sees it. Bean yield was some what less but still a record. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Iowa corn crop

I haven't started corn yet.  Might get at it in a day or two, but more likely next week.

It looks dry.  Neighbor said 20% on some of his but I've heard 14$ as well.

Very little talk of yields righ tnow but what I've heard is over 200.


i think the board is quiet because everyone around here is in the field.

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Re: Iowa corn crop

BTW, a lot of 160-180 bushel crop failures in C IN.


Of course if you believed all the poor mouthing you'd think it would have struggled to make 100.

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Re: Iowa corn crop

Good yield Don,  Congrats

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greatlakes farmer
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Re: Iowa corn crop

Well let me chime in with my slice of heaven,.... I have yet to have a field average over 100. I know ohio doesn't matter but this area will be nowhere near usda projection.
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