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Is there a pea?

Sitting here in the cheap seats up in the peanut gallery my view is a little fuzzy on what is really going on down on the stage.


I hear the  dialogue of too much, too high priced, and record amounts on the way. I have watched the price of my stuff plummet, (corn, beans, wheat) I saw the price of corn go under $3.30, beans start with a 7 here locally and all the time there is a "wall" of grain coming, and we are awash in mountains of it (yes we actually have a bunch of those white covered mountains here in that far away land of Ioway).


I understand the southeastern USA is getting corn from south America, now the dialogue is going something like...Southern Brazil is going to OK importing corn from our heartland duty free  because corn from their heartland was shipped to our southern states. 


Will the ship's crews wave as they pass each other?  There is an odor I'm starting to notice infiltrating this theatre.


I'm not organized enough to be getting all my work done...such as the nh 3 applied. I stopped by my usual supplier and found out he is going to demand $525 a ton bar included his year. He was a little doom and gloom orientated, thinks this is setting up like '77, major drought in this neck of the woods.


So far the western third of Kansas has been lucky to even see a cloud, then it was probably just a smoke cloud. 


We here in South Podunk Country are not hurting for moisture yet BUT our hay and pastures are green only, not growing, the cows are frustrated and the fences are being strained.


I may be glad there is a large pile of hay still in the bale enclosure.


This show I'm watching may get interesting, the first act has been depressing and boring, 


Well breakfast of waffles, bacon, Orange juice, and homemade tree spit syrup is over and I've got a track assembly to reinstall on my tractor this AM. Beautiful sunny morning, life really is good all things considered.


Let the show continue...

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Re: Is there a pea?

Getting dry here as well, yesterday field cultivated  40 acres of swamp ground to smooth itup from last fall that is going into CRP cuz it's a mud hole.  Best that ground has worked up this early since 2012.  Running out of hay and pastures are beautiful green but as tall as they were a month ago.  But local coop has 600,000 in a pile and said they aren't moving it till July.

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Re: Is there a pea?

Read a farm magazine article just this week that seeeeemed to quote usda to point out that there is 13.5 Billion bushels of corn storage on Farm.... Room for the 2014 crop...


Either ADM, Cargill, Gavalon, etc have all become "farmers"  or "farm locations"  or all that new storage in Iowa is being paid for by coop investors, or end users, while farmers paying storage on the ground piles.....Double storage income to pay for those full empty bins...

.............. anyway it don't make sense to me why farmers are dumping to a ground pile with all that storage we have at home....... 


OOOORRRRR,,,,,,, whatever you can put on paper to make an interesting story gets printed....



Not SF by the way............ unless I missed it ............. and if they did ................. they have a source and that is all it takes

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