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Is there anything left to say ?

It's sunday, depending on how you look at it, either the start of the week or the end of the week.

It's kind of a day to reflect and plan for the week ahead.


Alot of "stuff" the last week or two to "try" to make some sence out of.


The usda came out and knocked everyone off their three legged stool, with an ever growing pile of crops here and

abroad.  The several private anlys came out with simular numbers, and one or two saying it could go even higher.


Then our friends "across the pond" have devalued their currency, and russia is mad at both us and the european

union, and in protest will not buy food from us, and what they have purchased they are ordered to distroy.

interesting photos of russian tanks running over good food.


we then get news that the corn crop in germany was not good at all (but hope the hop crop is ok)...also news

that the agriculture powerhouse of france (for kicks look up and see how large france is, and how it relates

to some states in the united states, then decide if it really demands that much attention), let alone we liberated

them in ww2, yet to just a few years ago vote to become "socialist", to a certain extent.


also some news in the baltic area crops are good, but tough place to do business.


russia might have good crops, but nobody wants to do business with them due to political policy


Here at home, things are wild.  As said, we are being told everything is shaping up to a big year in crops,

but as someone said, the states the usda is pegged to do well.....down the hall, another office in the building

declared the same area a disaster area !!


then mentioned how many things not planted in mo, due to the water, but one anys made the comment that

"farmers will plant when they can plant, they were out july 15 planting soybeans and that's plenty of time".

well kinda of a mixed feeling there, that's late for beans, yes beans are double cropped, done it myself

following wheat, but you need the proper seed, still taking a chance, and a given a lower yeild.


fed reserve at kcmo had a meeting a couple weeks ago, not good news, expect local business in small towns

to become no more, farm equipment dealers may become even further away, and those highly leveraged and

are primary cash rent, may find things difficult if not impossible, due to lower grain prices, lower margins

and landowners not willing to go much lower on land rents, since their taxes and other costs have not

went down, and if you don't rent it, someone will hold their hand up and take it at that price, but not saying

they are any better.....but just have the money to throw around (how long is good question).


well anyone have any good news out there ?


but i'm told, we will see a roundbound in prices.....but will be a while, more than likly in the first qrt of next year.

nothing will happen untill after the combines roll, and then will need to have a while to ponder on the numbers

that are then generated...that things are not that good.....


that that is a long time to hold your breath, and eat beans and weiners for dinner and supper.



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Re: Is there anything left to say ?


The only thing I can add, is that whatever comes up must come down and whatever comes down must come up. I am not making light of the situation but you have to weather the storm. There are good years and there are terrible years. We all go through it. The most important thing is to prepare yourself for the unexpected.
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Re: Is there anything left to say ?

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Re: Is there anything left to say ?

Gio.... your right about prepareing for the unexpected.  We kind of take that seriously in this area. html


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