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Ismael - Seriously

Policy is pretty much 100% of grain marketing these days.

To some how arbitrarily wall it off in to the forum seems uh.....well.....ok it is lent so I'll be kind...."politically correct".


Global trade issues, and global spec money flows, are driving 100% of price, so maybe a better policy

would be to get over yourself  :-) Smiley Very Happy

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Forum Objectives

We've been talking about farming marketing on this forum for 24 years.  There seems to be an attempt by some to hijack the forum and turn it into a place to vent frustration about issues that have no immediate affect on farmer marketing.


By immediate effect we mean if it realistically is part of a farmers marketing plan, which for most of us is up to about 3 years.


Our goal is to keep Marketing Talk focused.  Broader discussions are welcome in AgForum or when appropriate in Farm Business.


I read the last of your post as a personal insult.  If that is the case, it is out of place.



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Re: Ismael - Seriously

Ishmael I have been visiting the marketing forum for a lot of years thru several format changes, one of whicb I lost my login name and had to change it so I really dont know how long I have been coming here looking for actual marketing strategies.

This forum has never been about marketing strategy. It has always been about drought or flood in the poster's area or USDA doesn't know what they are doing.

If you took time's post as a personal insult you need to grow some thicker skin or not moderate an internet forum.

Traffic and worthwhile posts here have been in decline for a long time and seem to have really dropped in the last year. If you want to kill the remaining interest keep doing what you are doing. I agree that blatant political rants don't belong in marketing but government policy plays a huge role in farmer income and marketing decisions right now. As an example I would bet the Trump payments because of the China situation made the difference for most last year.
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Re: Ismael - Seriously

Nutlug, those sentiments are likely shared by most of the actual farmers who visit here, whether they just read, or contribute.  Agree on keeping the political rants in the Forum, yet really didn't see anything wrong with the posts that created the current issue.  The situation with China has had a large impact on our markets, and a possible closing of the border with Mexico would also.  Have been a regular here for many years myself.  "Marketing" is not a one-size-fits-all, it is not limited to pricing strategies, it is not limited to farmers' opinions nor traders' opinions nor media sponsorship opinions.  Sadly, this site is only fractionally as meaningful and useful as it once was.


Re: Ismael - Seriously

Couldn’t agree more nut; curious how to regulate free speech on a public forum when grain traders and analysts have continued to be proven wrong and continue making marketing money on un-regulated trades and imaginary speculated reports and information. Opinion your personally regulating the wrong side. I believe it’s the CBOT and the USDA that need some serious looking into as well as regulated adjustments. PS nutlug if Trump didn’t start this trade debacle in the first place we would more than likely be at 11$ + soybeans in which case most wouldn’t have needed payments. Always look at the cause of an issue to solve rather than the resolution because of.
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I've been here from the very first,. probably before any of you, and the basic tenor of the forum has always been about how to trade the markets as a producer or speculator and it has always been a short term, and it has been about how the marketing affects each of us.


Keep the topic something that relates to how we market in the near term and it will stay here.  Get into longer term issues that have to do with advocating policy changes, or taking blame positions that can't help us market in the near term and it is more appropriate for AgForum.



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