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It can't be done

Amazing, beans up 20 cents or more, wheat up 8

Yet, you listen to the AG media, and the only
Thing they can say is huge supplies, and good
Crop comming (that hasn't been planted)

There is no rhyme nor reason

Wheat, we know it went into winter not good
Shape, conditions reports not good....but we
Are pointed to things such as huge supplies,
Acres did not decline, oh wheat is a weed
You can't kill it, oh it's too early to see the
Damage, oh we will not know of the damage
Untill the combines run thru it....

Yet we see movement.

Tell me, how does one in the middle of nowhere
Have the ability to successfully​ use the markets ??

It can't be done

The writers ag groups and Washington need to
Understand that.

You do realize that in investing in the market
(Stock) they tell you it's almost impossible to
Pick high and low....yet that is what we are expected
To do.
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Re: It can't be done

u have to remember that these writer/analysts have to write about something everyday even if its repetitive. They always have an explanation for what the market does how else can they sell subscriptions? Nobody really knows what the market will do. They are just like ducks in a pond that chase after a thrown cracker. Each piece of news is gobbled up quickly just to get to the next story.

Traders also need the market to move whether up or down. it doesnt matter which way as long as it moves. 

We farmers,on the other hand, have raised our crop like it was our own child. With precision as it was planted.Protecting it against weeds and diseases til it was grown up. We have a lot of sweat and money and care involved so we think we should get the most for our product. And rightfully so! But the world doesnt feel that way cause its just a commodity to be gotten for as cheaply as possible.

Its hard to know what to do especially when markets move opposite the reports.

Last friday i had a call from a grain buyer in the area that i have done limited business with telling me that prices are looking good right now and they would like to lock in some bushels now! A red flag flashed in my head and sure enough the next day both wheat and beans were a lot higher!  what do they know that i dont?

Re: It can't be done

Could it be that the buyers have rigged the system to assure their profits vs the people that actually do the production, which makes it easier to force sales of private farms that are then purchased and merged into large corporate run entities. Everyone knows that private farming is a feast or famine activity..... but corporate entities are only concerned with the bottom line which makes for a an easily managed conundrum, farmers lose their farms while corporate entities take a loss for that year and therefore able to survive any major swings in the markets

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