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It has started

this years planting season, so say agfax, about activity in texas...corn and soybeans going in the ground, and cotton too.


so.....are you ready.........have you decided ?  i'm awaiting my insurance agent (perhas ex if i don't see something soon)

to get me the insurance numbers.  Driving the chemical and seed people nuts....a few tho are starting to talk........yes

people are pushing their pencils.  Talked to a large chem sales outfit yesterday....said this has been a good year so far.

when things were good they just called up the locals to get things, today, many are prepurchings to get the best price.

Also seems to be a devision in the bunch wants the "most economical and fairly good job chemicals",

and the other, wants the best, so there will be no yeild loss to weeds, we need every bushel...on milo, the better is

more than double the "tried and true".

I also some some drop in the glyphos market, I was rather stunned on the price today......i can put on a quart of

glyphos for about $2.25 an acre.....that kind of helps the bottom line (true i didn't figure in AMS).

still unhappy on fertilizer.....i guess N has went down.....but 10-34 just drives me nuts.  i've been telling myself

i'm going to somehow put a dry fert applicator on a planter.....when phos is half the cost ?

I guess there is a rather large run on RR1 beans...i'm told the guys are just trying to cut, but are worried about yeilds.

when you can just about cut seed cost in half....this might be the year you have to take a look at it.

No corn here (although I would like to put some sweet corn out).......everyone is scraching their heads on that, numbers

just are not working........


i thought sw was talking about the song, "there is a place for us"........right now i think it's the poor house.


I really enjoyed "candy man" the other day on the radio, by sammy.


but i guess i need to make up my mind in the next two weeks which way to go.....we're kind of in an area where beans

and milo are about equal....if we have a good year (what's that?) milo is the way to go.....but i can put beans in the

ground alot cheaper than milo.



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Re: It has started

Quick question if you dont mind, Is round up around $2.25/quart over there?  

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Re: It has started



Yes,  generic glyphosate is..

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Re: It has started

Thanks sw. It is a bit under A$4/litre here. I think that would equate to something around US$2.60/quart.

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