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Senior Advisor

Re: I take a much more parochial view of the situation..

I take a much more parochial view of the situation.  I'm a farmer and I know that if we live in a mature economy with a static, if not declining population with a agricultural industry that can produce more per acre every year.  If we don't export, we'll need to drastically reduce production, be it soybeans, apples from Washington State, almonds & wine from California, pork & beef from the Midwest, chicken from Georgia, dairy from Idaho, Wisconsin and New York or even lobster from Maine.  And by the time this administration gets done with destroying the RFS, we won't need to half the corn that we can't grow this year.

   I don't know what the answer is for all the displaced but any nation that can spend a trillion dollars per year on the military and go all around the world threatening other nations left and right, can't complain about not having money to spend on it's pooer citizens. 

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