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It's Dead

Our marketing page.  It's dead.  It's still on life support, spammers appear to have won.  I find it hard to believe that a spammer can get the same crap through day after day.  This site is too important to just be abandoned.  Unless, of course, it was simply another mechanism that was being used by the 1% to get the rest of us to buy and sell at their will.  Is it because some of us are questioning why things are as they are, and asking for change, that this site is being spammed?


Just wondering....





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Re: It's Dead

Homeland Security?  USDA?  RSW? Marketing advisary services? Competing websites? Anti-ag folks?  Greenies?  Whoever might benefit from a less-informed group of farmers?  Whoever might think we're costing them money by openly discussing the marketing news of the day?

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Re: It's Dead

You probably pissed off jinggu when he wanted a flour mill sale
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Re: It's Dead

Jenny, what can I do to help improve the experience for you and everybody else here? You all are too important a group of folks to us to let things falter. How can we beef things up?!

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Re: It's Dead

Might need a "waiting period" -- after you register, can't post anything for 3 days -- if that can be programmed and doesn't affect current users.

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Re: It's Dead

Go w random # entry at each post.
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Re: It's Dead

From what it looks like to me community
Diabetes is using the same platform for
Their message board, they don't seem to
Have this problem, but they have problems
with "trolls" whatever they are.
The key may be that the same subject line
Is entered over and over. Some software
Will kick it out saying that subject is
Already taken.
Another might be to limit the number
Of topic a user could start, say 10 per
24 hrs.
In that respect, they would be limited
To just their topics.
It would be too difficult to go into
each topic and go crazy.

Oh well, I guess there still the u.s. mail!
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Re: It's Dead

This isn't dead, this is more how it was before Jan of 2012.


Problem is/was several showed up here and made it something it wasn't.


Before it was only a live thing when the markets were open, the rest of the time it was a spiders playhouse.


Some new members showed up and started useing that unused time to goof off, and especially on the weekends just go all over the place "off topic". Seems to have drawn a following.


In amonst all the "foolishness" was a much greater participation in the markets and marketing section.


I think the spamming is by whoever is a disgruntled former member or employee with inside knowledge of the system.


As far as what to do? Well I vote for a "OFF TOPIC" forum right up here in the business section.




Off Topic


The "forum" is just that, a soap box for the political and religious few.


Many tune into the top section here just to see the latest, greatest, off topic thing of the day and have the same adversion to that slum I do.


I have been on strike and have not put up any of the many marketing things I usally add to the mix. Anybody out there notice the difference?


Jeff you have my # and e mail


Well back to the picket line...   Dog gone it's cold out here. Smiley Wink

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Re: It's Dead

I admire your persistance Jeff - you must have some "squirrel" in you.Smiley Wink


Pretty hard to keep everybody happy but in looking thru the various forums on this website there is room for some change.

We really don't have a place for people to have fun together and share the day-to-day things we experience that help us laugh and learn. Also, I e-n-j-o-y hearing about the places other people live in and travel too.  Sharing these stories adds perspective to how we analyze events and reminds us to keep an open mind and not be afraid to re-think what we thought we knew.


I don't want to wade thru endless political trash and childish name-calling.  Others don't want the business, marketing, crop and other forums to be used for "social" talk.  That is a valid opinion as well.  Can we have something like a coffee shop forum to share things that are more "social" in nature that may help build the community?


Thanks Jeff


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