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It's June 1st.........

Do you know where your seeds are?   


After being on the dry side for the month of May here in NW Ohio, 1.9" last night helped us catch up some with others in the corn belt.  Most everything is planted here.   The soybean seed will now come up that were lying in dry dirt.   Still have some soybean left over........for replant if needed.

My thoughts go out to guys not so fortunate to the west of us.  We have been in that situation's not very much fun.

I am still amazed at the complacency of the grain markets.  The world needs every bushel it can get, but yet no one seems too concerned.    Hakuna matata, I guess.

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Re: It's June 1st.........

We're similar but all our beans are just emerging. A few tenths here and there got em started and the .7" yesterday afternoon was sorely needed. That's our biggest daily rainfall since May 10th when we almost had an inch.


Most around here finished up last week. We will need timely rains to makes this season work. Forecast is for heavy rains this PM but not holding our breath. For our firends in the rain belt we wish you the best and hope a combination of PP claims and better weather keeps you in the profit column.


For those hoping the market sentiment gets changed by the June reports don't forget the USDA seems to magically discover previously forgotten inventory to make sure we don't let the carryout number get too tight.

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Re: It's June 1st.........

Hey bins -- have you dried out after the bath you got yesterday -- or should I say did your money dry out yet -- sorry here -- LMAO


And Happy Birthday  MOM

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farmer spike
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Re: It's June 1st.........

West central Illinois here. One week here of decent weather to put crop in. Then rain, rain, rain.  Corn is in and about 25% of beans in very saturated soils.

Agree 100% that the govt. reports are being thrown out there to keep the price of food in check. There is no way we have trend line yields here as late as the seed is getting put in the ground and the mud and pond holes that it is sitting in at present. Then wait for the heat and dry cycle to hit the last week in July just in time for corn pollination. I think this market could have some serious fireworks.

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Re: It's June 1st.........

Our seeds are in the ground...but under water as well
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Re: It's June 1st.........

remember your agronomy---seeds or seedlings will survive UP To 4 days in saturated or flooded soil IF the temperature remains BELOW 77 degrees.


----best of luck!!!!!

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