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Re: It's Ok You're welcome

Too much wealth is concentrated at the top.  They need the lower wage earners dollars flowing upward to them.   With a shrinking middle class, whatever that is, and people not working or working for lower wages, less money is flowing up.  I generally subscribe to conservative principles but to not expect the super rich to pay more is ludicrous.  The talking heads say they are the job creators as small businessmen.  Sorry, but somone making millions a year is not a small businessman. 

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Re: It's Ok You're welcome

Here is an interview on commodities and the actions of the Fed.  Interesting thoughts, especially when he said low interest rates hurt the economy more than it helps it.


If you want the short version, start around the 18 minute mark.


If you follow his marketing plan for grains...just make sure you can hold off sales when the market dips...because they are going to be followed by even higher rising prices(in a time frame of months).

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Re: It's Ok You're welcome

Just an opinion, But i'll bet there are more job creators that read these pages than in the high income group that "need" that 3% tax cut.


Up and coming businesses are growth oriented are the job creators. Not the old corps of wall street or the globalists that hire cheap labor wherever they find it. Many of those companies would prefer not to add an american employee. Why should we reward those companies and the people that invest in them with favorable tax treatment?


I don't believe in redistribution but I also recognize that they need to tax people that have ability to pay. The no new tax policy and the sport of tax avoidance is harmful to our nation. We have to pay for what this government does. Not everyone can pay less


I believe in business expense deductions & deduction of depreciation. As the depreciation occurs not in a wad in the year that you buy it. Business can justify buying what they need but not necessarily what they want. Someone with 500 acres hardly needs a 500hp 4 wheel drive but the tax code would allow that purchase. And he can do it this year and next year if he so chooses. Meanwhile there is a half million or more of income not taxed or postponed taxes that creates a shortfall to our revenue stream.



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