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It's Only July 19th?

It's July 19th...and we have 95 cents over the Sept. corn contract at our local ethanol plant in Fostoria, Ohio. Not only that..but first half of October can be contracted for 70 cents over. I understand the Andersons are also buying wheat at their Greenville, OH plant to make ethanol out of. When is it too expensive to make ethanol?...and where is this basis going? Can the ethanol plants continue to make money in this environment? Is there enough corn left in our bins to keep basis from going to well over a dollar on August 19th or even September 19th? What say you ...can you believe this?
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Re: It's Only July 19th?

It begins to be very risky.

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Re: It's Only July 19th?

pretty cool. bullish backdrop.


rough decision making, when are premiums  OVERDONE. 

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