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It's a wrap


He is kind of Captain Obvious.

Our rain chances were pretty good this morning.

Down to 20% now =80% chance of insurance claim.

Did western Kansas anex us?


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Re: It's a wrap

What a difference a week makes. Pretty much as soon as I got off I80 at the Tama exit and headed south the dry area really shows up. From Montezuma, IA down to Eddyville it's pretty dry. A lot of the corn in that area showed good potential, but now it's fizzled out. 

I also hit a dry area this week around Lafayette, Indiana that looked like we did in 2012. A lot of the corn from Lafayette east to Indy is only chest tall and tasseled. I would hate to see the cost of production vs gross income on those farms in that area this year. 

I do think USDA is pretty accurate in their crop ratings this year. It's a tough crop to judge. I traveled in areas this week with rough looking crops, but also traveled through areas in eastern Iowa and northern Illinois that could break farm yield records. I think the U.S will have a respectable corn crop overall, but hitting trend line yield is looking somewhat doubtful. 

I hope you get some rain 


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Re: It's a wrap

You can see "dry pockets" in many fields.  We`re predicted to receive 1.5"  today-tomorrow which will come "just before it`s too late".   Corn doesn`t like to have one bad day in it`s life, the less than perfect conditions of the last couple weeks probably cause kernel abortions and less "5 bean pod" opportunities.  I planted beans before corn this year, beans are podding on time in my scouting, however I hear many of these later May planted fields are behind.  So, beans still have a "yield story", corn could still backward.  ProFarmer tour is going to be a little later this year and I`m excited to hear results.  I`m just figuring <174 nat corn and <50 nat beans.  

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Re: It's a wrap


That is my area, I’m about 12 miles northeast of Malcolm. Crops are much better north of 80. Neighbor has ground just south of 80 on hwy 63, says it looks horrible. If ya get hungry the Poor House in Malcolm has great food. Then swing by the popular Daytons locker to get some snacks for the road!  They have some really good sandwiches behind the counter, won’t see them but ask, there worth it!