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It's not the end of the world (but we can see it from here)

been looking at alot of market information as of late......about as cheerful as a funeral home as of late.


BUT......the end of the world is not at least in the next few weeks.


people will continue to eat, people will continue to buy, china will be buying grain, along with other countries...we may be

seeing some good deals at the dollar stores (maybe even wally world)...on importated items....fuel prices are down, so

will not cost you as much to drive to see your bankrupty lawyer.


if there is a bright note....might be the wheat......we are basicly only 1 to 2% behind from where we should be according to

usda on me that's saying something....and we might have a shot at hitting on beating usda projection

with the addition of the french ergot problem....and there is some worry about the wheat in the baltic area...and already

projections to lower production.......but i think the new crop condition reports for ks puts us in about 50% plus in the good

or better conditions right now......which i believe is better than in years past.


as the urologist once told me when i had a bladder/kidney stone...."this too shall pass".............but it wasn't a plesent

experience.  I'm told it's the same type of pain women go thru having kids....a new appreciation of "labor pains".


some advice to you young bucks just getting started.......if you are in the labor and delivery, and no epideral....don't

stand too close, and make sure you hold her hand.......otherwise, in the middle of the pain, she may try to

"take measures to make sure this does not happen again".


oh well, we'll all try to make it.......maybe we should start a new section here, uniquie recipies using mac and cheese, hot dogs

and reiman to save money on electric and heating bills, a parts swap website...((i said parts know

if get rid of the one you have, hoping to get a better actually be getting something worse than you have...why else

would they be so willing to get rid of a good one ?)).


keep the faith


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Re: It's not the end of the world (but we can see it from here)

With every negative thing thrown at the markets, it`s amazing how well they`ve held up, there must be some phantom demand out there.  With China`s troubles and the stock market down the grains seemed to`ve shook it off and rubbed dirt on it, under the circumstances.


Oh I know fat and feeder cattle take hits here and there but good Lord they are only back to 2014 prices that was prior to the ridiculously bubble prices of last year.  Considering the rest of the world is in recession and coming off record production in grains...things could be one heck of alot worse.  

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