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It's the end of August.........

.......are your crops as good as you thought they'd be when you planted them in June?  I got 49% of my intended corn planted and 94% of my intended soybeans planted.

June 8-12 planted corn here in NW Ohio.  108-112 day corn.  It's green from top to bottom, no disease, no pests. The ears are filled out pretty well, but not denting yet.   Rainfall wise, I believe that the corn is as good as it's gonna get. It just needs time.  Can't see the bad areas of the fields that were way too wet at planting time.   Those areas will bring the overall yields down in a hurry. 

June 15-28 planted soybeans here.   The mid-June beans are about belt high and have lower pods that are starting to fill, still with a few blossoms and tiny pods forming at the top.  The late June beans are just barely over knee high and just starting to pod at the bottom of the plant.  It appears that there is no disease or insect pressure.  Rainfall will still be needed the entire month of September.  Again....we need time 

My best guess is that we are 6-8 weeks away from starting harvest.   Yikes.

The day is coming soon that we will know whether or not we should have taken PP on everything.

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Re: It's the end of August.........

planted corn the last week of April and the second week of May. South Central and South West WI.

Agronomist and I in our scouting figure it will go 21 - 22 ton to the acre as silage. 112 day corn, Looks awesome , ears are filled to the tip , will start chopping late next week.

I don't raise any soybeans so nothing to say on them. 

Hay has been good.  After 3rd crop I'm in the area of 4 ton / acre. Have to wait and see if 4th crop is doable.

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Re: It's the end of August.........

my area has beans green as grass, late planted ones in serious doubt. if there is a fifty bushel per acre field around, potentially, I don't know where it is. Even with a warm September, I won't crack 40 bushels per acre.

Corn....early planted stuff is getting mature....most looks like it ran out of NH3 and is brown on the bottom, not record ears by any means but every once in a while you will see a field with huge ears....maybe its all cob, or maybe the right genetics liked this year.

My own late planted crops are going to be somewhat of a disaster...was out in some late planted corn that has slim to none chances of making harvestable corn with the cooler days we have been experiencing , and I think slim might have left the station already.

Southern MN, west of Mankato....three of the last four years have been the wettest ever it appears. If we are going to have a record crop in America, it won't be my contribution that does it.

The good news is that some of the wet spots finally are drying up after years of mud....maybe the outlook is turning dryer.

Next Year!

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