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It's the weekend tid bits

Interesting to the end for me.

Especially the time line and cycles.

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BA Deere
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Re: It's the weekend tid bits

The "swamp loggers" should harvest that timber.   🙂

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Re: It's the weekend tid bits

Hope the weathermen are over exuberant on their forecast for 3 to 5 inches tonight right over top of my river.

Had to drive through some beans to get to a large drown out bayou this afternoon to spray the weeds.

A foot taller than the top of the front axle of the tractor. Would be sad to see them flood out.

That's a problem with beans on Nodaway silt planted in good time first week of May. 

Been kind of toying around getting a bigger bean head. I think I got bigger beans instead.



I liked the vidio above that actually talked science and evidence.

Not one mention of  junk science.

What's happening has happened before people and most likely will continue after people kill themselves off.



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Re: It's the weekend tid bits has you at about 2.5" Hobby.  With closer to 5" just WNW of you and upstream.  Hope they're off by a bunch.

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Re: It's the weekend tid bits

Ba that’s not gonna happen.  Not on the modern History Channel.  Unless those woods were home to space aliens or cartoon characters.  

or maybe the rarest of 1940’s Berma shave signs

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Re: It's the weekend tid bits


Well I beat the nws, 2.82"

Tile lines have employment and are pouring water out.

These big amounts were mostly just south of  My rivers drainage basin.

River is only up a scant two feet

Lots of standing water in low spots, bayous I sprayed yesterday afternoon have an awful lot of sickly looking weeds sticking out of the water.

A few of the tallest beans lodged.

We are usually 10 days away from a drought but with a 105% full tank betya we can stretch that out to at least middle of Aug min.

Majority came nice but just kept coming.

Hay and pastures were showing a need for a drink more so than the row crops.

Very blessed so far this year.


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Re: It's the weekend tid bits

Black sand farmer

Good to see you here.

You have the dubious distinction of giving me kudo 1000

Thank you sir.

If you ever come to the Des Moines area I'd buy you and the Mrs  

a steak of your choice (or whatever you'd like) at the

Texas Roadhouse.


Of course you couldn't have done it without help from many

others and I thank them also.