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Jack Ma Video....I suggest you view it

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I was doing some research on some things, and this came up.  While it does run for a while (over 30 minutes), I enjoyed it,

i found it "refreshing".....the manorism, etc, i enjoyed, unlike someone else i will not mention.....wasn't putting someone down

all the time.

It was a different insight on things here and abroad.


He mentioned agriculture several times.......and midwest several times.....more than many in disneyland east.


he is the head of ali baba......which i will admit, i'm trying to figure out.




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Re: Jack Ma Video....I suggest you view it

Yeah Davos...the Bohemian Grove clowns in the audience really got a chuckle about Jack Ma meeting President Trump, they got more sober after Ma told them about how the US squandered money in wars.   I would caution about taking advice from Davos, China or Chinese billionaires.   Because let`s just say, the term "Jobs that Chinese won`t do" isn`t in their vocabulary.