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Re: Jen Early AM Weather


Started raining yesterday am, 11 mm by last night and still raining total by this morning 29mm.


Finished our wheat.

We have a dryer bin full of ??? quality.

Had some contracted at an elevator for a good price and they marked everything feed, too much fusarium.

Needed to haul more or fill another bin if it would get dry enough.

Tried another elevator and they took it at grade 3 except one load which they marked feed.

Figured if it was feed I would bin it and shop around for a buyer it it would make grade I got rid of it.

What is in the dryer bin was graded feed when we started perhaps because it was wetter and we could not blow enough of the little pink kernals out and perhaps because of those fields which get a little different treatment.


Rains are always spotty. I can go not far from home and find waterlogged crops with lots of drown outs and edible beans especially that are hurting from too much wet.

Understand there are crops in Kent, Essex and Lambton that have really hurt form wet. Fields that they could not get in to spray and lots of drown outs.

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