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Jen PM Weather

Well, I think I nailed the IA weather. And now we get drier. No changes from this morning. IN, OH may pick up some scatterered showers tomorrow, then the next system roughed to bring rain to the Midwest 5 - 7 days away is a dud, maybe 1/4 inch with 25% coverage for the Midwest, that's it. It's a cold front that drops out of Canada with no moisture to work with, then 7 days from now a large high pressure system drops out of Canada, and keeps us dry in the Midwest for the following week. Rain wise, that takes us through the middle of August. Warmer temps build into the Midwest the next 7 days, and then that big high out of Canada once again will take us to below normal temps in the corn belt. The exception being MN, WI, and MI which continue to see below normal temps throughout the period. 6 - 10 day shows us cooler than my projection, and as always wetter. 8 - 14 shows us wetter than my projection.

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