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June 27th Friday pre report day better half and I have ridden the mid-southeastern part of the corn belt via Motor Cycle. What we have saw is KY Highly varaible from just now planting soybeans on water logged soils to nice green shoulder high corn Beans all over the board as well. Wheat looks to be very good in the uplands. I know KY isn't an I state but ALOT of the good tillable ground that could go row crops has been planted to tobacco. Southern Indiana/Ohio extremes again. Southern Ill. more of the same Just planted corn coming thru the ground (see todays date) too shoulder high. My Back yard WC Indiana. Gonna be long lines at the elevators. Better go to the Bin, save the market for 2015. Did I mention most everybody is moving/or out of old crop to make room for new? Might be a gap in the supply line with all of the shiney new tanks around.. 

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