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Just Getting Going

It's been a slow start to the corn harvest in SE MN. Corn at the elevator is mostly coming in at 23 - 28%, some scattered loads have been 17 and one farmer is bringing in some 14.7 new corn. We had a few loads last week that came off the really dry areas. 47 lb test weight, looked not so good. Surprisingly, most of the rest we've been getting in has been descent. Mostly around 55 for test, but late yesterday we had 1 load that scaled over 60.

My relation near Janesville, WI said he was somewhat disappointed with his corn as it's averaging in the mid 170's which is right around his crop insurance guarantee. Beans, again a bit disappointed with mid 40's.

My custom combining friend is in Kansas doing corn and beans. He's saying that under the pivots beans are between 50 and 90 bu/AC - awesome.

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Re: Just Getting Going---thx

thx for sharing.  fm the get go, not a trend crop in the composite.

percect would be way over trend.


how much under trend is,,,aLL..

N IA much on Mn well under trend   we know thar the mkr does as well.


how much is made up by good & great areas,


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Re: Just Getting Going

Thanks for the report Jen. Being a seed dealer, I have been out talking with many producers this fall. What I am noticing on most farms is the better than expected corn yields, and disappointing bean yields. On average Im hearing a lot of mid 30 to 40 bushel bean yields. I averaged 40 bushel beans on my own farm. Most of my corn averaged somewhere in the 170's. A couple deer and raccoon infested fields of mine brought my average down to 155.... That's pretty good yield considering my average corn yield last year was 52 bu. The late hot and dry spell wasn't good for soybean yield this year, but it made for good quality corn around here. I don't know if this is similar to what other producers are seeing across the country, but that's how things are shaping up in the northern Indiana, southern Michigan region.


BTW, most producers are storing corn and selling their beans right off the combine. My thoughts are wheat and soybeans will be the market leaders in the coming months.

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