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Just another day in Paradise

Almost getting to the point were one does not
Want to look at the news anymore.

Today I see wheat is down, due to excellent
I guess it is nearing Easter, so mircles should
Not surprise me.
Consider, a number of acres of wheat this fall
Did not get planted...due to weather...or was
Late or did not get put in at the best possible way.
Then this winter....very very cold.
Now flooding
Problems getting chemical on

Yet someone's mind eye...everything is good !!

But then again...when was the survey done, April 1 ??

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Re: Just another day in Paradise

el cheapo, you have hit the nail on the head.  People have to look a the information when analyzing.  A survey done on 1 April gives data on that date, not later.  Good catch.  We should all keep it in mind.

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