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Honored Advisor

Just in case anyone is interested.... appears that with the rain today, the corn planting window has slammed shut here in NW Ohio.  There were a few pockets that got a little corn planted last Friday & Saturday, but very few.  I would say that less than 10% of the projected corn acres have actually gotten planted. Perhaps, if the market really needed the corn this fall and the prices had gone up another 50 cents or so, guys would risk the late planted corn. But at these current prices, the reward for this risk is very small.  I only hope that the endusers have their needs covered well into 2020. Corn bushels WILL be in short supply.

So......we are moving on to plan B. (Heck, actually it's more like plan C or D by now). It looks like the seed corn will be returned and those remaining corn acres will be turned in to prevented planting.  The hope is then to get soybeans planted.  Most all of that soybean seed can not be returned. Of course if this weather pattern does not change, we could also be looking at prevented planting in the soybeans as well in about three weeks.