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Just like the "old" days the pits ----I like your word turdypoint -clamor - it gets louder at swing points in the intraday markets - just the same.


besides, Jack F will determine production at the end of this figurative day.

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Re: Just like the "old" days

It isn't that Jack F holds the wild card in the productuion end game, but it's that some of the people driving this market appear they don'y know Jack S at times.

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Re: Just like the "old" days

From what I see here in central Iowa, Wooten Iowa isn't the only town going to have a case of the piles. (Piles of corn that is) going to need a few more E plants.


Maybe ship corn stoves And corn to Europe instead of our gas to keep warm this winter?

tree fmr

Re: Just like the "old" days

Design the ships with corn burning boilers for propulsion and electrical power. Then they can use it up both ways.
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