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Just say MFP

.......and continue with your plan for preventive planting.   

Here's the U.S. farmer's chance to actually do something about the oversupply of grain.   

Park your the wear and tear on it for one year.  Collect your insurance and go on vacation. 

Enjoy spending more time with your family.

Volunteer to do things that will help your community.

Save your farm from damaging the soil by NOT mudding crops in.

Take time to trim your fencerows, pick up rocks, and fix drainage problems.

Watch the traders and exporters scramble for a supply of grain.  

Sit back and watch ethanol again get the blame for higher food prices. 

Maybe most importantly, turn off the news to all the political crap.

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Re: Just say MFP

Back in 2010 and 2014 when we were too wet to seed I parked the equipment and went fishing while some of the neighbors muddled in some acres. After harvest everyone that muddled crop in said they wished they would have never seeded an acre. From a battle everyday through the growing season they were exhausted and there wasn’t enough grain to cover expenses. Then it took a couple years to straighten the land out from the airdrill cart ruts, sprayer ruts, combine ruts. The crop was piss poor full of disease and suffered drowned out acres. Crop insurance was busy that year paying guys for beyond terrible yields that mudded the crops in.
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Re: Just say MFP

Everyone has to do their own calculations.   I do think if you can mud in a crop that`s destined to fail, collect MFP money and then in the fall collect an honest failed crop claim, you`ll have more money in your pocket.   But not everyone will be able to do that.  I only have some beans to plant in the peat, well I have until June 15 before I think about PP at all...maybe it will come to that, but I`ve had hail before and replanted June 25 and if I lie a little they went 40 bushel  ahem more like 35    But a guy once shot a deer with a .22, I`ll plant beans on the 25th of June if it comes to that   🙂

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Re: Just say MFP

Hmm? Plant the crop after the final plant date and then watch your insurance coverage deplete by another 1% per day. At that point you’re adding more risk.  You’re really gambling on the weather that you have NO control over.  That’s why the insurance company backs off the coverage , because after the final plant days it becomes risky to hold up yields. 

     Least say crop ins pays out $400 ac for beans if you have a claim but PP pays out 65% with a buy up, that is $260.  If you spend $50 for chemical and $60 for seed then $25 for harvest that leaves $5 to pull a planter.  At that point you’re taking on the risk yourself.

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Re: Just say MFP

What would have been wonderful would have
Used base acres and average production.

I'm afraid this payment will only make things
If you do pp... No Trump money. . But understand
You are only getting 65%, will that allow a profit ? could try to mud it in... It will be late,
More risk....for a trump check...just how big
Of a payment ?
They say they will not release, since they don't
Want to impact planting decisions...but we need
To know.
So what's the guess for the payment ?
$10 acre
$20 acre
$30 acre
$40 acre

Will that offset ??
Don't know if those are big enough carrits
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Re: Just say MFP

The lie is that they do want to impact planting decisions. This program is for the insurance companies and hedge funds.

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Re: Just say MFP

And, I'm not sure PP pays 65%.  I think it was lowered to 55%, but could buy up to 60% if you told them before March 15th.  At least that's what I heard, could be wrong.

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