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Just typing

I hope all is well out there in cyberland.  Got below zero here last cover on the wheat, although it has been

"hardening" for a while.

just been reading, researching and thinking tonight, while it's cold out.

I just can't get excited about things.....

Here is what new crop looks like:

wht 4.40  milo 3.26  beans 8.01

I've made a decision tonight, to try to cut ties with the big coop..........their bids are 10 to 15 cents lower than those listed.

my only pondering the "patronage" going to amount to enough to offest ??  but half the problem with patronage

is that it is simular to life have to die to beat it.

I'm worried about my smaller, local coop......they pay more than the ultra big one......but I have a worry....they just

have one facility....which is getting some age on it.  The big coop keeps putting surrounding it.........matter of fact

bought out the only station in town, and put in their fuel....and they were really nice to the fellow who owned the

station, they give him a choice, either sell to us, or we are going to put in an automated station, and undercut your i want those kind of cut throats running my coop ?

I also worry about my small coop.......i fear they are getting too many on the payroll.......and are liking to buy new vehicles.

I do know there are a couple of board members on the little coop that want to merge with the big one.......they say it will

mean more profit, and better service....hmmmm, they pay up more than the big one, and nobody has a problem with the little

one.....if needed, they will open on a weekend.....big will not......why some of other other board members want to merge is

byond me......

i priced some inputs from the big outfit the other day.......i view this year as let's get by with the least as we can......

this idea of shooting the moon just doesn't set with me......we've been on limited rainfall for the past few years, and even

if it does start raining, we're not by any means where we should be.

i've made the decision to go with RR1 beans.........cost is about 35 to 41 a bag.....then maybe a couple of hits of glyphos,

might do a bit prowl, havent made up mind....then throw on some phos....and call it good....

for the milo, might just get some plain milo seed, put on some parrell plus, and a quick run over with glyphos, little

phos and some N.....and that's it.

I talked to the agronomist at the big place, they just started howling.....all of that stuff is old technolgy.....i don't even think

we can get that kind of stuff.....etc........

the small coop, fellow thought it was the thing to do, if prices looked better, the fellow said you put on better stuff....he said

that is what he was going to do on his farm.

maybe that's the the little coop, some of the fellows farm a little, or help on the family the big

coop, none of them farm, and usually go to ballgames on the weekend.


i've also deciced tonight, i need help with marketing.......I understand how the markets work......i read the news on many

of the ag sources.....but I have to say, I just can't wrap my ears around it this year.....and with prices like the above,

not much margin for error.  i guess i understand all of it.....but i believe it could be "lack of confidence" the markets.

also some is technlogy.....i'm using the latest and 10.0....but i have a difficulty getting things set where

i want them......i'd like several charts going at once, and have several market indicators running......but seems like

i can only do one at a time, and it's just a pain in the #$@!.....


i've also decided, if i do get thing done on the boards , i'm doing options......i'm not in the mood to make margin calls.

but, seems options are overpriced, and they used to track well with the boards, i've noticed  they don't anymore.


also toying tonight putting up a grain system, bins, etc......and do some business direct with a couple of ethanol plants and

terminal elevators.....about 60 miles away.....i've been told from what i've been quoted for hauling, i couldn't afford to own

a semi.  idea is to wait till after the harvest, and then have hauled in......trucking is much better priced.....should be

basis improvement....and if i would take a position a month or two before harvest.....add all together......might pencil

out better.......


good luck everyone.....we're going to need it this year i'm afraid.


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