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Kansas 2022 drought

Interesting article on the 2022 Western Kansas record  drought.  This is the prime reason why grain prices are where they are.  Dry land corn and milo (FEED) were mostly zeroed out.  sw has been sounding the alarm for months.  It is reality, a lot of feed for livestock in the SW must be shipped in from the East.  Many cow calf operators have sold their older cows and are counting on the higher calf prices to carry them through. A large part of  Western KS in Jan  did receive a fair amount of snow recently.  Will it help any wheat that sprouted??

Cold here in Iowa with a 5" snow pack.

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Re: Kansas 2022 drought

We have a thick snow pack that has kept the ground from freezing.  We turned dry early August but nowhere near as dry as places west and sw of us.  

Been watching the tile and with the snow melting underneath the water started trickling a couple weeks ago.  Deer were feeding on the oats we seeded but having a hard time scratching thru the crust now.  They are in the yard eating the bird food along with the pheasants. 

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Re: Kansas 2022 drought

Wind, Any moisture will help the wheat that sprouted.  Maybe that is pushing it.  I should say it will help the wheat that is up.  The larger question is what about the wheat that did not sprout yet??  Was there enough to get it out of the ground.  Personally, I have milo seed booked for about 1/4 of my wheat acres that got planted last fall.  I'm preparing for quite a bit of replant wheat.  But it will identify as milo.  Just what I see in my little corner of Kansas