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Jed Stivers
Senior Contributor

Re: Kansas Wheat-

I could use another 2,000 and need at least another 1,000 right now.
I have over 90% watered now, drainage and fertitility is good too. Still making it better but badly needing more to spread overhead.
The part I don't have watered will prol never be watered, we have already watered a lot of acre that we thought would never be but these acres just really won't pay to do.
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Senior Advisor

Re: Kansas Wheat-

If the wht is at that stage, and it got that
Cold.,..yes you have damage.

Shaggy (scobby do keeps sticking in my mind).
You said the x for the rain on the map for
Rain was your sure that is
The rain map. ??

I think I'll turn in some wheat acres.
Had coop agronomist look at it, wanted
A second opinion.
he said alot is behind, and does not
Look good. If no rain in 2 weeks, its
Overwith. The plan was to plant millet,
but what chemical will stop that.
The old rule was wheat should be big
Enough for a rabbit to hide in at Easter,

Well this year maybe a candy bunny.
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Senior Advisor

Re: Kansas Wheat-

I hear ya cheapo.  I can still see in between the rows on some of my wheat fields.  2012 we were headed out around Easter.

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