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Kansas wheat

100 degrees and 30 mile and hour winds in Dodge City, KS today.  This, along with the forecast for the next 2 days of the same, will end any hopes for wheat at all.  Even in central and eastern Kansas the wind and heat over the next 2 to 3 days will reduce bushels.  I would say fundamentally that KC wheat should set new highs, but after Fridays crazy moves, I don't know.  Here on our farm we got done planting corn yesterday, and will try beans tomorrow.  Most all cattle are on grass now, with just a few pairs to short.  Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers that are driving tractors or support trucks for this weekend's push, you ladies are greatly valued.

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Re: Kansas wheat

The wheat east of I-35 should be fine, but a lot of the wheat west of there needs some rain now, but not a lot of rain in the forecast except a 30% chance on Wed.  The temps do back off quite a bit. 


The Wheat tour mentioned some 48 bushel wheat 10 miles NW of Wichita but they didn't mention all the dry spots showing up in fields close by.  Double crop wheat is for the most part a bust and the 1st cutting of alfalfa isn't going to amount to a whole lot either.  How many acres were torn up in the western 1/3 of the state?  My understanding is that crop was a bust 3 months ago.

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Re: Kansas wheat

Unless Kansas HRW is a lot tougher than SWW in the PNW 100* heat with wind for 3 days would be a major blow to wheat filling at any stage.

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