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Since we all know that spending assets to grow a commodity which will more than likely result in a loss, what do you suggest we do?   How do you get off the treadmill toward financial ruin?   It is patently obvious that no one in Chicago, or anyplace else has our best interest in mind when they are fixing prices and lying their ***** off about supply and demand to suit their paper trading schemes.


My phone has been ringing off the hook with pollsters from SF, USDA, and every other Tom Dick and Harry asking questions as to planting acreage intentions and HOW MUCH GRAIN IS LEFT IN STORAGE.  I'm sensing some panic out there.....and also seeing some serious denial from growers regarding the state of financial ruin we are heading toward at the current market levels, given our inputs etc.


I feel we are approaching a real SHTF moment on a Global scale....not just in Ag...Everything is built upon lies.   A House of cards built with deceit by evil men in high places.



The American kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves) continues to suck the American people down a rabbit hole into a parallel universe in which the Constitution is meaningless, the government is all-powerful, and the citizenry is powerless to defend itself against government agents who steal, spy, lie, plunder, kill, abuse and generally inflict mayhem and sow madness on everyone and everything in their sphere.   ZeroHedge

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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

I am just trying to address the facts that I see and ignore the opinion I read or am told.  Facts are hard to extrude, opinions are easy to print.  And try very hard not to let myself drift off into a meaningless drivel about social responsibility...  all that begging is unbecoming.

The biggest choice a farmer has is to produce or not to produce.... the reasons are irrelevant....Everyone has a different situation.

If you produce you might have a chance of survival in farming....... and if you choose not to produce you are done.  You either spend your assets on another crop or maintenance on idle land...or get another career. 


The rest is just drivel to save for the politically provided counselor who lives off taxpayer dollars.





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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

well I thought I had written on this post already....looks like it has went to the great electronic place in a far away server.


BF...i'm like you, I too am searching and trying to figure out what to do.  With all that I've done and read, i'm still not the

sharpest knife in the drawer.  I too am looking things over trying to figure out what to do next. This past year was one

of the worst we have ever had.

I think SW is right in some ways, you either plant and take a CHANCE you'll make some money, or do nothing, and

idle, but you'll still have expenses, so it adds up to a loss.

I guess you have to put as many odds in your favor when you spin the wheel of chance with planting.  A fellow a while

back asked me for some advice on some things.  I'll just basicly re-run what I said.  The first is soil fertility, test.  this

fellow didn't test, just fallowed a rule of thumb...this fellow tested, and he only needed half of what he was going to apply.

Another thing I will say, I encourage using the extension/land grant university lab.  I've did an experiment a couple of

times, i'd send a sample to the university, and one to a private lab....different result, same sample.  They usually

are much higher in cost, and like to run trace elements, which is usually of little if any value.

Do your homework on your weeds, know your foe's in the field, sometimes some of the older chemistrys will do

just as well as the new high priced stuff. Also shop around, I've found a lot of difference between suppliers

just a few miles apart.

Marketing...this can generate a significant amount of income.  don't think about chasing the market....I've found

it easier, and more profitable to be a position trader or seasonal trader....let the market come to you. We know

that markets go down durning harvest....MOST..of the time, so position yourself so if and when it occurs, you

profit from it.

we have went over the bin not to big subject here many times...overall it is profitable, but if you are trying to

conserve funds, it wouldn't be the best time to be building bins,  due to the returns will not be all in the

first year to pay it off.

a lot of things to consider....reminds me of the saying If it's and but's were candy and nuts, we would all

have a merry Christmas.


I guess it's like the Kenny Roger's've got to know when to hold'em, and when to fold'em, and when to run....


I guess the question is, how good of a poker player you are, and the draw of the cards......


I think i'm holding a pair of deuces......with a non matching assortment


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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

I  guess  I  missed  something  from  either  side  of  the ''' political  isle ''' when  it  comes  to  Monopoly  on genetics --- Every  group  representing  AG  in  one  form  or  the  other couldn't  flock  to  the  podium  to '' grandstand '' about '' feeding  the  world ''  &  bashing  things  such  as  ORGANIC , NON  GMO  ,  and  ag  was  going  to '' spray '' and  '' export ''  to  the  $$$$  promised  land ---


Consolidation  being  the  new  norm  in  transportation , retail ,  food ,  industry, finance ,  education , heath care, communication  etc.   etc.   and  now  reality setting  in  on  the  rural  landscape  has  the  shutters  squeaking  in  small  town  becoming  a  unpleasant  norm ---


Our  land-grants  remedy  is  ???  -  consolidation  doesn't  seem  to have  etiquette ---        

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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

k-289 I'm a bit confused......with the economy soo good that we are going to raise interest rates, how we are going

to create more jobs, and we want to start all these new business starting.....then why are we merging....merging

usually ment that one of the two was in need of help, or both went together, so they would come out stronger......


if all the signs are UP...shouldn't mergers be going down ???


just asking


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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

El cheapo   -  latest  play by  Fed  -   the  game  to  hold  my  job  -  headlines ---


$350  seed  units  have sorta  played  there hand  &  it  appppppears  stocks  &  bond  markets  are  the  fad  for  the  moment - who  really  knows ?


Fundamentals  like  I  stated  have  VERY  little  EtiQUITTE  with  the  shuffle   of   gobs   of  $$$  daily - it is an amazing game  - try  not  to  get  pushed  to  ALL  INN  on  1  hand ---

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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

Headline  -  car  loans  defaults  at  eight  year high  -according  to  Marketwatch  ???   Things  are  fabulous  -  aren't  they  ?  

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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

Student loan defaults over the 1 million mark was just in the news this week...

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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

SW  - those   $7  Lattes  at  Starbucks  for  4 -5  years  add up  on  the  balance  sheet  -  not  so  tasty  now  ?   

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Re: Keep in mind the corn market

For a bit of balance against the gloom in this thread, 120 acres sold at auction last night in our county.

$11,416/acre, just about as high as it has ever been here.

All bought by a farmer who will pay cash.

Times are tough? Depends on your business model and cost structure.

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