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Re: Some people just have to learn the hard way.

If  you  want  opportunity  of  devalued  assets ,  head  to  Powder  River  country,  and  see  devaluation  first  hand  - 

  U  P   traffic  volumes ,  are  telling  the  tail  -  -  -

IF  coal ( 20 decade supply) would  have  worked  along  with  the  clean  burn  actions,    this  would  have  lessened  the  pain,  instead  of  facing  the  reality  of  political  antics   -   -   - 

Keep   in  mind,  Dwindling,  Shortened  water  supply's ,  being  several,   power  plants,  Achilles  Heal   -  -  -

As   far  as  a  subsidy's  conversation -argument ,  that  might  be  best,   left  in  the  broom  closet  -   -   -  

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Re: Some people just have to learn the hard way.

Might be a "conservative" concept to leave a small bit of those dwindling hydrocarbons for future generations.

BTW, as far as one of the lesser externalized costs associated with oil, fracking requires an enorrmous amount of wells and they play out quickly. The dire financial situation in the frack industry and insufficent bonding requirements are leaving a big problem of abandoned wells behind.

Sorta the moral equivalent of the Pence Bros. leaving abandoned gas stations behind for the IN taxpayer to clean up.

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