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BA Deere
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LaNina and Sunspots

The Sun is coming back to life with solar activity, which might temper these 7 years of cold & wet to more hot & dry.  And we have LaNina on the way predict some climatologists.  Yes, I am hoping for hot & dry to cut yields to increase prices, the Sun will have to do what congress won`t   Smiley Happy   Plus my tile just seem to work better when it`s dry.  

I don`t know if the Sun and LaNina will bailout prices in 2020 or not, I recall the 1987 drought only got our attention after the 4th of July.   

Yesterday it was a rare 101°, then storms moved through last night, we did dodge the "white combine" this time but ping pong hail was predicted.  

this was driving down the road, not sitting in the Sun.

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Good post Sunspots

And LA Nina. 

BA Deere. 

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Re: LaNina and Sunspots

Worst of the T-storms rolled about 30 - 35 miles south of us last evening.

Blue Earth county had multiple reports of egg and golf ball size hail and 3 tornadoes.

T-storms headed our way fell apart crossing the MN River valley between Mankato and St. Peter.

As the storms passed to the south our wind direction shifted from southeast to northeast & north

as surface air was sucked into the thunderheads.  Amazing the power of the wind inside these storms

that create hail that big.


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Re: LaNina and Sunspots

No particular reason to think that sunspots won't blip up a bit as the cycle comes through the bottom,  although wouldn't consider it a major concern until '23 or '24. '12 did deliver a pretty nasty drought as the cycle neared peak, even though it was an historically weak peak.

Of course the last cycle and a half have been anomalous in the weakness, and there are speculations about one of those lengthy periods of low activity. Although nobody knows for sure. 

BTW, just to get all hell rained down on me, those low activity periods have been cold- really shouldn't be seeing record high mean global temperatures from that point of view.

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