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Re: Labor Market

Well aint we all got answers...........

But nothing has changed.  The now hiring signs are still out.  Jobs are plentiful.  

Stop blaming the employers who are still willing to work through the hay stack looking for a smart "phone".

If you can spell your name and express yourself, smile and show decent teeth, and most of all---be the dooer and not the complainer.  Not looking for disability from a paper cut, like federal employees.  There are good jobs, honorable jobs, respectable jobs all around.

I think most who exited small town America for the city would like to go back, but feel the opportunities are gone...... and don't want to admit they might have made a mistake leaving.  The technology promise of "smart" jobs was a short term scam for most.  5 years and we don't need your "programming" skills or safety training stacked on safety training.

Truth is there have never been "get rich" opportunities for the masses or uneducated .... and the uneducated is the largest growing category of workers since government took over the local school board.  

Truth might say the answer for packing companies and farmers alike has been and continues to be "immigration" of foreign labor.  Those in such difficult conditions they understand what an opportunity actually is.  Those who understand the trap of government handouts.  

The ruse of federal money while at the same time devaluing that same money as fast as possible only keeps young from finding a place of respect and responsibility in society.

Swallow this bit of truth,  In many of the meat packing towns across the midwest the packing plants are the best paying employer in town.  Telecomunications in this area lost employees the last two months because beef packing raised their wages and offered a signing bonus.  Now when you go in to smarten up your smart phone, the employee who doesn't fix your problem couldn't qualify for the job at the packing plant.  The town closest to me had gas and oil, airplane manufacturing, and lost them.  times change people change but depopulating rural America is not a function of blaming agriculture.  It is a function of expanding technology and efficiency.  Times change always for the better.  The horse drawn plow, wheat shocking, roguing crops etc etc are of the past.  Herbicides, GPS, larger grain carts, bigger planters etc etc     all displace workers....... but jobs are all around if we look for them.

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Re: Labor Market

That's  the  word  just  south  of  the  border  from  Brownsville  to  Chula Vista  ,  realty  101 ,  and  Gov.  $upported  school  -  board  -  -  -

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