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Last gasp for the B-Team Friday

Well, Marketeye must be up and at 'em somewhere this morning, because the markets look like they're going to at least spend some time today in the red after yesterday's monster day.


Here's a little more 


So, will Dec corn get near that $4.80 level that analysts say is the next key upward resistance point? Are the odds better of that happening today or my KC Royals winning the AL Central?


Stuck my head out the door this morning and almost dug out the jacket, but thought I'd tough it out and rely on my "natural insulation" to stay warm. It worked!


Hey, have a good one out there today!



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Re: Last gasp for the B-Team Friday

Jeff, you are talking about this year, right?   Did they call up George Brett or something? Smiley Happy  Detroit looks too tough.  Corn has a chance to get there in the next couple weeks.  Boy, we could sure use a rain in N. Illinois as well as many areas.  From the road it is not showing stress because temps are so cool.  That will change some by the weekend and next week.  It will be interesting to see how fast it changes.  We know that July rain makes corn and being behind that stretches into mid-Aug.  With less than a 1/3 of normal rain since July 1, tipback is happening and will continue fast.

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Re: Last gasp for the B-Team Friday

Yes they're on a 3 game skid, but the hottest team in MLB since the all-star break.  Go Royals.

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Re: Last gasp for the B-Team Friday

Unfortunately for KC they only have 3 games left with our Twinkies while the Twinkies play Detroit 6 times and Cleveland 7 times.

Not much help there!!

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Re: Last gasp for the B-Team Friday

Well------------------- the market is mixed and corn is down while beans are up-------- Bochy is starting his slow walk to the mound and it looks like, yes, it could be---- Caldwell has seen his last trader for this outing.  Well the Giants got 4 good days out of him as he exits the game he tips his hat to scattered applause.  Could Caldwell move into a starting spot?  It will all depend on his training and conditioning going into winter meetings.  We will see what the radar gun says about those winter outings.





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