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Late planted corn yields

Below  a chart from Baum et al, 2019 reprinted in Nebraska's CropWatch puts some perspective on the yield prospects of  all the corn planted the past couple of weeks.  Baum's work used 95-103 day varieties. 

I stopped planting a few days ago leaving a few acres still in the bag myself but still wondering if this might be the year to take a chance.  But unless the weather warms up soon, even what I've planted might not make it.

It's raining again now, so I guess I'll stab in a few acres of soybeans when I can and call it good enough for the year.



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Re: Late planted corn yields

Don`t anyone get me wrong, those university trials are valuable work.  It`s just in the actual field in a delayed planting situation could the yield hits be worse?   Because I imagine the university has a string of 4 good years and they plant into good conditions from April 15 to July 15 each week..that isn`t the same as mudding in June 10th for insurance deadline purposes.  Mudded in for insurance purposes corn isn`t going to get 200lbs of nitrogen and fugicide and all the other babying that a timely planted crop will get. 


But the graph is a good baseline to show under the best scenario that a June 10th planted crop will take at least a 20% yield hit.   Where as a babied crop planted May 1st will get everything it needs because it has a 300 bushel potential.